Tax Dodgers

Posted on May 6, 2011


By Delilah Ramirez.

In “The Allegory of the Cave” Plato writes of prisoners in a cave who can only see images on a wall, and concludes ”All in all, then, what people in this situation would take for truth would be nothing more than the shadows of manufactured objects”.  He implies that people living in this cave are blind to the truth and can only believe what is shown and taught in front of them.  They believe that these shadows are real because they’ve been trained to see them this way for so long.  Therefore they wouldn’t question it because they find nothing wrong with what they are seeing.  In our society today, we as people are taught to survive by depending on the government, going to school, and getting a job. This is the most harmful shadow projected by society because when we are in a budget crisis, we as the middle and low income families are not being helped.  We faithfully pay our taxes to ensure this “government help”  but instead of helping us, the government gives our hard earned tax dollars to big corporations and businesses who fail to pay taxes on there behalf.

For those who are living paycheck to paycheck and can’t afford to take your child to the doctor because of no insurance, you need to start asking where your tax dollars are going.  If you are told your tax dollars are being used to pay for government services and then you hear these services are getting budget cuts; than the truth is we are paying more and more for less service.  Meanwhile the middle and low income families are the people who need these services the most, because of the high taxes taken out of our check.  Did you know the top 1% of earners in New York State pay less taxes (8.5%) than the middle class (11.6%) and even the poor class (9.6%)?  I didn’t know this either until my fellow students told me about it.  Instead of trying to even out these numbers Governor Cuomo proposed to cut 132.9 billion dollars, of our tax money because of the budget deficit partly caused by even more tax cuts for the rich.  According to Confessore and Kaplan, Cuomo’s proposal for the budget will cut funding for medical programs and school aid by about 2.85 billion each.  How do you think the people who receive Medicaid will pay if the state is lending less and less of our paid up tax dollars to them?  Therefore, while we as the middle and low income class struggle to survive, the rich and the workers of big corporations are living lovely because they can afford the services that we cannot.  The best solution should be to tax the rich.

These cuts will not effect the rich, it might actually benefit them, but will make it harder for low income families to live. For example, large corporations have benefits for their employees and are ultimately run by the rich and for the rich.  Small businesses support us “small-earners” and when we can’t afford to shop anymore, they won’t be able to afford paying rent to keep the business location.  It’s no wonder why small businesses are being shut down.  In our daily lives, when you take a moment to think about it, the more taxes we get taken out of our checks the less money we have to feed and take care of our family.  Unlike the rich, who already have it easy when it comes to financial situations.  I know by experience how hard it is to save up money when you are the only one supporting yourself with no help.

So how are these corporations, run by billionaires, avoiding to pay those extra dollars for the working population and why are they huffing and puffing about helping out someone in need?  Would one million dollars less even dent the funds of their multi-billionaire estates?  The fact of the matter is big corporations are finding loopholes to pay little to no taxes.  Chuck Collins, a senior scholar from the Institute for Policy Studies, states “Instead of cutting state and federal budgets the U.S. should crack down on the corporate tax dodgers thumbing their noses at us.” These corporations are using overseas tax havens as a ruse to show profits are earned in other countries.  Collins also implies in “Pay up, Corporate Tax Dodgers”, that simply making this ruse illegal can bring an estimated 100 billion dollars to the country, a year.  Instead of doing that, the government wants to cut funds on job training programs, childhood programs, as well as health care programs which low and middle income families need to survive.  Furthermore we are stuck in a never ending cycle of living paycheck to paycheck. Make these “tax non-payers” pay up and we will definitely have better living.

In conclusion, our perception of who gets taxed more is greatly altered by the government.  We are taught that we all get equal treatment, but judging by these tax rates, which class do you think is being cheated.  If we take the time to study past tax rates and compare them to now, we can most likely find the best solution for fixing this financial deficit we are in.  But if we stay stuck in our old ways and choose to automatically believe what is projected to us, we will always suffer and struggle our way through life.  The bottom line is “Knowledge is Power”.

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